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1959 The Preparatory Committee of Tien Seng Industrial Vocational School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan applied to  the Commission of Education for the approval and purchase of land for the school in October.

1960 In February, the application of setting up school was approved by the Commission of Education.


 1961 The land for the school had been purchased. Some of the land was leased from The Land Bank of Taiwan.


 1962 The Non-profit Foundational Fund was registered with the District Court of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Dah Yung Steel Manufacturing CO Ltd. in Kaohsiung, single-handedly contributed to the fund.


 1964 The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Tien-Seng Building was attended by the Mayor of Kaohsiung, Mr. Chi-Tsuan Chan in May. The School changed its name to: “Dah Yung Senior Industrial Vocational School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.” It started with 2 classes of mechanics and one class of foundry technology. Mr. Tien Seng Lee was appointed to be the 1st principal of the school.


 1965 Tien-Seng Building was completed in January. In March, the experimental factory for Mechanics and Casting was built. The application to set up an evening school was approved in August. In September, Chung-Sing Building's construction started.


 1966 Two classes each were approved to instruct mechanics, casting, electronics, and engineering graphics for the day school. For the evening school, a total of 6 classes were approved, including mechanics, electronics and engineering graphics.


 1967 Chung-Sing Building was completed in January. Mr. Yen-Tsan Chai was inaugurated as the 2nd principal of the school.


 1969 Mr. Yen Her Guo was appointed as the 3rd principal of the school in June. A commercial course was approved for the school. Therefore, the school changed its name to: "Dah Yung Senior Industrial & Commercial Vocational School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan."


 1970 The construction of the Auditorium Hall started.


 1971 Sport field's construction started, and the garden with a monument for the founder, Mr. Tien-Seng Lee was under construction.


 1972 The track field was completed in January. The Auditorium Hall was completed in July and was named “Hou Chau Memorial Building”.


 1974 The dormitory building was completed.


 1975 The school celebrated its 10th anniversary and the 70th birthday of the founder Mr. Tien-Seng Lee.


 1976 Mr. Min-Chian Lin took over Mr. Lian-Chai Yee's job as the Head of laboratory.


 1978 Kaohsiung became a central district's city.


 1981 A Microcomputer teacher training course was carried out on behalf of the Educational Commission of Kaohsiung. More than 60 teachers attended the course.


 1982 A Seminar on Computer Aided Instruction for high schools in Kaohsiung was held at our school. Representatives from National Science Development Committee of Executive Council, Ministry of Education,

and National Information Technology Development Committee attended the seminar. Founder Mr. Lee stepped down. Mr. Chen Hui Lee became the 2nd Chairman of the Board.


 1983 Mr. Michael C.T. Lee became the Chairman of the Board. Principal Gao Yen Her retired, and Mr. Gia-Sing Chan become the 4th principal of the school. A Seminar on Computer Aided Instruction for high schools of Kaohsiung was held at our school. Representatives from National Science Development Committee of Executive Council, Ministry of Education, and National Information Technology Development Committee attended the seminar.


 1984 The founder of the school Mr. Tien-Seng Lee passed away at 14:00 on April 20 at the age of 79.


 1986 Our school was appointed to demonstrate Computer Classroom on site during the Information Technology Month of the Kaohsiung Exhibition. During the Provincial Sports Competitions, our school was appointed to coordinate the Jumbo Screen at the Stadium.


 1987 The 4th Annual Sports Competition for evening schools of Kaohsiung was organized by our school on behalf of the Commission of Education in Kaohsiung.


 1989 Principal Gia-Seing Chan retired. Mr. Dah-Chong Chau became 5th Principal of the school.


 1990 Principal Dah-Chong Chau passed away suddenly due to heart attack. Mr. Fu-Long Yang became the 6th principal on Feb 20. Mr. Yin-Hwa Mou, 1st year student from our computer class represented R.O.C. at Asian Athletic Games and won the copper medal in level 8 weight lifting.


 1991 Chairman Michael C.T. Lee organized a school team to visit Showa Di-Ichi Senior High School of Tokyo, Lioyeo Senior High School of Kyoto, and Jiuyo Automobile School of Hiroshima at Japan. To improve mutual understanding, 180 students and teachers from Lioyeo Senior High School of Kyoto, Japan visited our school on Dec 11.


 1992 Mr. Tai-Yen Pan, a 3rd year mechanics student represented Kaohsiung by attending the Asian Junior Weight Lifting Competition at Fuchou City, FuChiang, PRC. He won two gold and one silver medal in level 10 weight lifting. The Covenant as Sister Schools was signed with Showa Dai-ichi Senior High School of Tachigawa, Tokyo, Japan.


 1993 Principal Fu-Long Yang resigned due to health issues. Mr. Gen-E Lin became the 7th principal of the school. A Senior high school was approved with 2 classes to start with.


 1994 The school celebrated its 30th anniversary. Automobile Maintenance course was approved. Four Championships were won during the dragon boat race for Senior High School boys’ team, girl’s Team, Male Teachers’ team and Women’s team. Our soccer team represented R.O.C. by attending the International Junior Soccer Tournament in Austria. They brought back the silver cup from the competition. Our school's representative student won the championship in the national industrial electronics technical competition of Taiwan.


 1995 Application for junior high school set up was approved with 2 classes to start with. The school changed the name to: "Dah Yung Senior High School, Kaohsiung" The Building for the Kindergarten was named: "Guo Yen Her Memorial Building" to appreciate his educational contribution to the school. Former principal, Mr. Guo and many of his old staff attained the naming ceremony. Three championships for dragon boat race were won by the Senior High School Boys team, Male Teacher Team and Male general public team.


 1996 In August, the school set up its Intranet within the school compound and our website was officially launched on Oct 16. Our soccer team won the championship among the youth teams of Taiwan. The team attended the Dics Cup competition in Greece. Our Chinese Opera Club won the championship for the 5th year in a row. The representative from our electronics course won the championship in the Science Exhibition. The new building for the junior and senior high school section was completed. Evening school gained approval to hold lectures for five nights per week. The construction of Tien-Seng Educational Building started on Feb 18. Our senior high school achieved an acceptance rate of over 90% in university entrance applications by recommendation.


 1997 Our school applied for setting up a compound vocational high school. The application had been approved in nursing, data processing and information technology programs. Authority had approved the establishment of Dah Yung Kindergarten. Our school won the championship in the fire prevention contest. Therefore, we represented Kaohsiung by attending the competition held by the Department of Internal Affairs. A Joint Venture in teaching program has been signed with Taipei University of Technology. A Natural Science contest for primary school was held at our school, which was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kaohsiung. The First batch of junior high school students graduated from our school.


 1998 Dah Yung Kindergarten started recruiting 3 classes in August. The Tien-Seng Educational Building was  completed. The Premier, of the Republic of China, Mr. Winton Hsiao attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. Overseas Study program for Grade 10-12 began its relations with Malaspina International High school, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada.


 1999 Principal Gen-E Lin completed his term of service in February. Director of Academy Mr. Ching-Hai Fu took over the transitional job. A new principal, Mr. Din-San Chan, was appointed on August 1st. An English Teaching Forum for Kaohsiung was held at our school on May 1st. Our school won the championship for senior high school boys’ team and we were runner-ups in the general public during the annual Dragon Boat Race.


 2000 Establishment of Dah Yung Primary School was approved to recruit 3 classes in August. Inspection was conducted by the Commission of Education on compound senior high school on Apr. 26, senior high school on Oct 26, and vocational high school on Dec 14. Inspection reports were quite satisfactory.


 2001 Our school provided administration and computer training for private cram schools and language schools of Kaohsiung on behalf of the Commissioner of Education. Starting in Feb. 15, the teaching areas for junior, senior, and vocational high school were integrated into the same campus. Inspection on our school’s Physical Education achieved good score from the Commission of Education. On the Apr 9th, the founder’s wife Madam. Kwei-Eng Lee celebrated her 80th birthday. Trees were planted in the garden named as Kwei-Eng Garden. First batch of overseas study program graduates left for Malaspina University College, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada to further their study in the university.   On the 20th of December, the school opened a new Students’ Career Guidance Office. 


2002 In August, Principal Chen, Din-San completed his service and Mr. Lee, Wen-Chen took over the position as substitute Principal.  His position was made formal in February the following year.   Mr. Lee, Wen-Chen has nominated as the 8th Principal of our School.    The school initiated an English class, emphasizing the teaching of the English language in our Senior High and Junior High schools.   The General English Proficiency Test was incorporated into our curriculum.  It was incorporated into the teaching goals of the school.  Two new internship programs for the Electronic Information and the Automobiles and Motorbikes were set off.


2012 In June, Malaspina High School became our sister school. http://www.viu.ca/highschool/